Hi! I’m Hao Zhu, a Data Scientist and Software Developer at Marcus Institute for Aging Research. I make tools that are easy to use and hopefully helpful for the scientific community.

As a user, I hate to use tools that either have no vignette at all or have a 500 page manual. I like software that don’t give me too many but some choices. I hate to see ugly plots. I like everything that can be turned into dynamic. As a developer, I only create things that I know I will like. In order to get there, I’m willing to do things that I don’t like.

I do most of my programming in R and a little in python. I do some arduino for fun and partially for a work-related project. I also learned some iOS app development recently for fun. I’m the RStudio Admin at my work place so as you can imagine, a Unix user.

Recently I’m applying for a PhD in the New England Area. If you have an open spot and you want me to join, feel free to contact me.